About Us

Our Vision:

To help bring the tools needed to navigate emotional pitfalls and issues to the youth of our city. To educate our family, friends and community, and end the stigma around mental health and hopefully spare others the pain of losing a loved one to suicide.

Our Plan:

While we may not have the resources to bring these programs to the people, we were able to donate our spare time and skills to raise money for a wonderful local non-profit, 1N5,  who is doing just that! A true community effort to help end the stigma and start a conversation with a fun, creative event!

The Coordinator

Emily Devlin

The Endure Art Auction was Emily’s Brainchild. Being a theater major and costume designer by trade, the arts have always been close to her heart. As a vocal mental health advocate and no stanger to the pain that losing a loved one to suicide brings, she made the decision to find a way help. In doing research to see how to bring education to schools to end the stigma for the future generations, she  found 1N5, a non-profit that was already doing just that! Seeing programs that educate teachers to notice the warning signs of suicidal behaviors and events that end the mental health stigma for students and adults alike, it was a natural fit. Emily rallied her tribe and community to create an event to raise money for this amazing organization doing amazing work.

Come check out our labor of love and help 1N5 bring more programs to our youth!

The Team

Jeanette Koch Stelter

Master of Ceremonies Extraordinaire

Ann Zaidan-Davis

Culinary Virtuoso & Tech Tinkerer

Lauren Stewart Norfleet

Indispensable Assistant and Emotional Support

Rachel Longley

Indispensable Assistant and Emotional Support

Karissa Clay

Indispensable Assistant and Emotional Support