Past Contributors 2018

We learn as we grow! Unfortunately that means that we have ZERO pictures of past event. (That will be fixed this year!)

Christina Castrucci

Scensty Basket

Mikki Schaffner

Professional Senior Photo Session

Jean Pickering

Quilt Hanging

Jamie Mandel

Concert Tickets (Cincy Ticket)

Gary Lockwood

Gas Mask Watercolor

Betsy VanDeusen (Lockwood)

Hummingbird Watercolor

Nadia Zaidan

Hand Crafted Jewelry Sets

Rachel Longley

Self-care Basket with Hand Crafted Knit Blanket

Casey Bradley

Art Prints

Emily Harness

Surviving McCoy by EK McCoy

Surving McCoy on Amazon

Vicki Philips

Gift Card for Basket

Megan Stanford



Mediterranean Imports

Food for Catering

Eckerlin Meats

Food for Catering

Roth Produce

Food for Catering

Catanzaro Produce

Food for Catering

Catanzaro Produce

Heist Fish & Poultry

Food for Catering

Heist Fish & Poultry